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Tank & Soil


The fill and vent pipes are not always visible. Therefore, it is always good to have a professional inspect the property for an UST and former heating oil use and storage. SSE has two types of metal detectors, plus 32 years experience. Inspection costs generally range from $200 to $250.

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Storage Tank Removal

Removal was the primary method of tank closure prior to 2016. But removal is no longer required to obtain closure of a release incident. Removal is the most costly and invasive method of closure, which is why more tank owners are opting for in-place decommissioning. Tank removal costs range from about $2,850 (non-leaker) to about $8,500 (starting cost for removal and cleanup of a leaking tank). Incident closure cost for a leaker can easily exceed $10,000 (with no guarantee of success). And, sometimes closure of the release incident is not possible (that is why it is so important to understand ALL of the closure options and how best to proceed).


UST In-place


This above ground tank was filled with foam and cut open to show how well foam works (for USTs only). The process of cleaning and filling an UST is so non-invasive that, when completed, most people would have trouble telling that any work was done. That is why we include photographs in the tank closure report. Decommissioning cost starts at around $3,350 for an average size tank (includes tank closure report).

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Mark Hosler graduated in 1988 from NC State University with a B.A. in Geology. Right away, he started working for an environmental company in Raleigh, NC. His main duties were the supervision of UST removal field work and the writing of tank closure reports for hundreds of commercial UST projects. He was also involved on hazardous waste groundwater assessment projects. Other duties included air toxic inventories, computer dispersion modeling, and air permitting for large, Fortune 500 companies' manufacturing plants across North Carolina.

In 1996, Mr. Hosler started Sensible Solutions Environmental, concentrating on the closure of residential home heating oil storage tanks. Innovative and sensible solutions to tank owners' dilemmas set Sensible Solutions apart from other environmental companies. Hence the name - Sensible Solutions! 

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NC Geology

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UST Section Contact Information

The NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), Division of Waste Management (DWM), UST Section (7 regional offices) enforces assessment and cleanup activities.

Asheville Regional Office, 828-296-4500
Fayetteville Regional Office, 910-433-3300
Mooresville Regional Office, 704-663-1699
Raleigh Regional Office, 919-791-4200
Washington Regional Office, 252-946-6481
Wilmington Regional Office, 910-796-7215
Winston-Salem Regional Office, 336-776-9800

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Local service areas include Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem. SSE has had former project sites in the mountains and at the beach. Pleased to provide a proposal for services no matter your location.

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